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Kiko & New Zealand Goats

It's a rough life.  Somebody's got to live it!

Kiko  goats are bred for meat originating in New Zealand. They are prized for  hardiness and profitability as meat animals. While the breed was originally  created and solidified in New Zealand, these goats are currently found  in many locations, particularly the  United States. Its ability to survive and thrive in harsh conditions make many  people consider these goats a highly profitable breed to own. The  word kiko is the Maori word for meat. These  animals were bred for a singular purpose. While all goats can be eaten, not all goats reach an edible size  quickly, and many require large amounts of food to reach that size. Kiko goats  were created to avoid these problems in goat meat production, they are parasite and disease resistant, and it is claimed  that the breed provides the most profit with the least input of resources, such  as time, land, or food.

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